Friday, March 18, 2011

Operation: Relocation.

Hey subbies! New blog address!!

In case you're wondering, htarznal is lanzrath backwards. i'm so clever like that :)

see you there!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ramblin' Man...

I am one. A ramblin' man, that is. 

I've listened to that song at least 10 times today. I downloaded the Florence + The Machine album "Lungs" about a month ago, listened to it a billion and a half times, and fell in love with this song. Then Bro.. texted me the other day and said that HE downloaded the album, and this was one of his favorite songs on the album. It's awesome when your opinions are reinforced by friends'. I'm not sure why he loves it, but I'm all about the beat and the melody and just the way that Flo totally lets go and lets our ears have it. But mostly the beat. Percussive songs like that always get to me. 

Does anyone else get a Regina Spektor + Lady GaGa feel from Flo? Or am I totally crazy and making stuff up?

Today was an okay day. It was my last day of training with Boss and Boss at El Tocar de Midas. My new co-worker, Buddha (the other new employee. She's absolutely fantastic and has tattoos. And dances. And has tattoos.) has her first shift tomorrow  (Friday). Best of luck to Buddha! My first shift at El Tocar is next Monday. Woot woot! 

Oh hey that reminds me. I have a new job. This brings the grand total to 3. I now sell booze, make delivery runs to the city, and most recently, combat S.A.D. That last one might be the most important. Seasonal Affective Disorder is no laughing matter. It leads to the unnecessary consumption of ridiculously sugary and starchy treats, too much sleep, and a greater disregard for day-to-day things.

.............wait a minute. S.A.D. doesn't sound half-bad when you put it that way! STARCHY TREATS AND SLEEP FOR EVERYBODY!***

My replacement Blackberry came in the mail today. I am obviously extremely excited. I've been stuck with a loaner flip phone for almost 4 weeks. On New Year's Day, I just happened to drop my phone into LT's (another awesome friend since high school. She and I get into all sorts of trouble) toilet. Don't ask. The interesting thing is that both Blackberries I've had have died because I've dropped them into the toilet. This new 'Berry is not even going into the bathroom. Insurance deductibles are nobody's friend.

The other night Running Buddy and I made (a slightly altered version of) Iron Chef Michael Symon's Mac & Cheese recipe. And when I say slightly altered, I mean we used 1/3 rice pasta and no goat cheese, among some other tweaks here and there. But it was seriously super delicious. Running Buddy and Summer (another running buddy. She also goes by "Coach", when she's feeling particularly vicious after a run and tries to enforce cross-training) and I demolished that pasta. Running Buddy and I also bought some new wines. We bought a Riesling from Washington and a Pinot Noir from France. I will admit that I really really liked the Riesling. Like a lot. So did Running Buddy. Neither one of us had tried the Pinot, but it was a really good price, and I know a lot of the Pinot drinkers at the Depot enjoy it, so we figured why not. Unfortunately, we haven't broken open that screw-top Pinot yet, so the jury is still out. The reviews of the wine say that there are better, and I have no doubt. But neither RB nor myself are huge red wine fans, so...we'll play it by ear. Stay tuned for the verdict on Pinot Evil. (By the way, how cutesie is that. Pinot Evil. Ha. Those crafty French bastards...)

Speaking of crafty wine labels at the Depot, we just got these new wines in a couple weeks ago. Ridiculous. But they're flying off our shelves based on the name alone. Again, ridiculous. Ridiculous, and makes me think of Karen. Sorry Karen, but when the shoe fits.....

So did I mention that Running Buddy, Summer and I are running a marathon in June? The Seattle Rock & Roll Series marathon. Let me repeat that. Seattle. Rock & Roll. June. ........ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! You bet your buns I'm going to keep you all posted on training progress. And occasionally, I'm going to flip the eff out about the fact that I'll be going to Seattle in June to run a marathon. I mean come on, It's the home of my favorite coffee shop. You know the one I'm talking about.....this one.++

So anyway, let's recap.....with a list! YAY LISTS!
1) I love Flo AND her Machine.
2) Buddha works her first shift tomorrow. Good luck, Buddha!!
3) S.A.D. has a silver lining, and it is empty carbs.
4) Crackberries should not be taken for granted. Nor should they be dropped in toilets on New Year's Day.
5) I like Riesling. 
6) Who am I kidding, I like alcohol.
7) Seattle. In. June.
7b) Coffee is life.
8) Apparently I have to have a list in every single blog I post. 
Hasta luego!
Michael Dean

*** But seriously, folks. S.A.D. is no laughing matter. I suffer from it annually, and it's a royal pain in the ass. Get some sunshine and feel better about the winter. :)

++ I had a LOT of external links in this post. Sorry about that. I'm a visual person, and I really like you all to be able to see what I'm talking about, hence the external links. Don't hate me for it. And if you do hate me for it, get over it and waste your negative energies on something more worthwhile, like the snow headed our way next week.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Cast of Characters

Hey there!!

So it turns out I'M STILL ALIVE! Who knew, right? How is everyone out there doing? I hope the new year is finding you all well. :) has come to my attention (like 3 months ago) that I mention a lot of my friends on this blog, and nobody outside of...themselves?...knows who they are. I thought I should clear that up for you. Let's get after that, mkay?

Best Friend: She's my best friend. Has been since high school. When we get together, you know it's gonna be a good time. She just moved away with her husband...
D: Best Friend's husband. I've known D since 5th grade, and we're pretty dang tight. I miss this guy like a diabetic misses his left foot.
Half-Pint: Another friend since high school. She's a Jayhawk, but we try really hard not to hold that against her. She can also pwn you  at KUBB trivia. Seriously. Give it a shot sometime.She also loves grain alcohol and Zumba.
Grace/Boss/Running Buddy/Golden Sister 1: Grace isn't my nickname for her, but she's got herself a Will, so she's Grace. She's also my boss. And my running buddy. We ran a marathon together. We're going to run another. And she's Golden Sister 1. She's sorta fantastic, and a little bit of trivia: she grew up wanting to be a ski instructor. Take that, ballerinas.
Lo/LJ/Boss/Golden Sister 2: She hosts Gleebo. And on occasion, the Wolf Pack. She's sorta fantastic, just like Golden Sister 1, who by the way is only Golden Sister 1 because she's older. And also my boss. And she plays the guitar and loves Miranda Lambert. And since I just linked her blog...
Karen/Trophy Wife: She's Grace and LJ's vegan, pork-loving cousin. Yes, you can be vegan and love pork at the same time. Karen does it every day. She also loves alcohol, so obviously she and I are soul-mates.And she runs, which is another huge plus. We email each other inappropriately all the time. Mostly making catty comments about each other, our friends, and society. Good times.
IPA/Bro...: Probably one of the most unintentionally/intentionally funny people I've ever met. And this dude knows music. Like his musical prowess and knowledge may very well exceed my own. Impressive. And he likes good beer, which is awesome. And he runs...or he used to. Bro, do you still run? 
Keg: I love Keg. I love love love Keg. And I love that she comes with a born-in nickname. :) She ran the marathon with Boss and I. And she, too, loves alcohol. Soul-mates. And when she laughs, I can't help but laugh along. There's just something about that cackle that's so dang infectious. 

So uh...that's basically the standard cast of characters that I've referenced/will reference in the blog. New characters will receive bios as warranted. Look forward to our shenanigans in the future. :)

In unrelated news, I should probably go to bed. I have job training in a few hours, and sleep is probably not a bad idea. Oh, I have a new job. I'll tell you about that tomorrow. Buona notte!

Ciao cari!
Michael Dean

Monday, November 29, 2010


"Catharsis or katharsis (Ancient Greek: κάθαρσις) is a Greek word meaning "cleansing" or "purging". It is derived from the verb καθαίρειν, kathairein, "to purify, purge," and it is related to the adjective καθαρός, katharos, "pure or clean.""

Base root: Cathar.

" Cathar -1570s (implied in Catharism), from M.L. Cathari "the Pure," name taken by Novatians and other Christian sects, from N.T. Gk. katharezein "to make clean," from Gk. katheros "pure.""

I know that like, none of you did, but if you had Mrs. Ringler for high school English, you would have TOTALLY heard the word "catharsis". Mostly because she made us read literature that used words like "catharsis". Because she was a hard-ass. Anyway, in recent weeks, I have come to fully understand the importance of having a personal catharsis. And I use this word in the sense that a catharsis is used as a way to cleanse your mind and purge your crazy brain of clutter and stuff that needs to be purged. I ramble and digress. Sorry.
ANYWAY, like I said. I have come to really understand the importance of having a personal catharsis. But you've read that already. I say this because I have been seriously neglecting my catharsis, and my day-to-day has suffered. Immensely. I can't focus, I can't sleep. I'm a mess. There's a lot of crap going through my head these days, and I can't get it all figured out. It's super annoying. I really just need to rifle through my head and purge. Hence catharsis. 

What is my catharsis, you ask?


And I miss it. Terribly.

I'm joining a choir in January, I miss singing so much. 

Ridiculous? Perhaps. But I'm okay with that. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Operation: Change

This could be a long one, folks. Settle in.

Actually, no, it's not.
Some changes need to be made, and I'm going to make them. 

I'm not entirely happy with the way things are right now, and I'm going to remedy that.

Nothing is wrong, so quit freaking out. I'm just going to be making some alterations.

Stay tuned for updates. :)